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Bobby entered the business as an actor and still acts to this day. Although he feels that he has to create his own vehicles to continue his creative side, he is still a SAG actor who is waiting to be hired by your company.




Bobby Mardis gained notoriety as a filmmaker by acquiring honors and awards, including the Silver Hugo Award at Chicago's International Film Festival, for his 1991 film "Why Colors?," an anti-gang violence comedy. This launched in filmmaking career.

Mardis is best known as an actor, having worked on such films as "Hollywood Shuffle," "The Five Heartbeats," "House Party 3," "Rocky IV," "Sprung", and "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka." He has also had an extensive television acting career with projects like "What's Happening Now," "The Young and the Restless," "The Jacksons: An American Dream" to name a few. In the HBO Comedy Series entitled "Robert Townsend and his Partners in Crime," Mardis played Robert Townsend's identical twin brother, River Arington. The joke was they looked nothing alike.

Born and raised in Hammond Indiana, outside of Chicago, Mardis started out as an artist creating with charcoal, pencil, and ink on canvas. His creative passion for art took a backseat to traditional studies and athletics when he left Hammond to attend UCLA where he earned a spot as a hurdler on the men's track team and claimed the title freshman Athlete of the year. While living in Los Angeles, he discovered acting and committed his summer breaks to attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and later he studied acting with coaches Don Richardson and Michael Shurtleff. Mardis polished his talents throughout his development period by diligently working on numerous stage productions. He earned an NAACP Image award for his performance in the production of "The Nifty-Fifties." After transferring to U.S.C., he earned a double major of Communications/Advertising.

Mardis then decided to tackle the art of stand-up comedy. His training, natural talent, and ambition to act landed him work as a stand-up comic in Las Vegas, performing in clubs such as the Imperial Palace. While on the circuit, Mardis' hilarious act caught the eye of an up-and-coming producer named Robert Townsend. Acting in projects for Townsend, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Suzanne De Passe, as well as other projects inspired Mardis to write. In 1991, after completing several full length scripts, Mardis wrote, produced, and directed his award-winning film "Why Colors?" After the Showtime Network aired the project, this enabled Mardis to continue to work not only as an actor, but sparked an ability to create art as a filmmaker.

Mardis produced and directed the Los Angeles run of T'Keyah Crystal Keymah's acclaimed one woman show entitled "Some of My Best Friends." The production won that year’s NAACP Theatre Awards for Best Actress and Best Play. Mardis was also nominated for Best Director. In 1996, Mardis directed, wrote, and produced "Circle of Pain," a drama made for Showtime Cable Networks. The film was well received by critics and audiences, winning screening honors and awards in over sixteen Film and Television Festivals.

After a long production period, due to scraping the financing together, he has just completed his first full length feature, "One Last Time." This film provided him with the challenge and the thrill of his career. T'Keyah Crystal Keymah ("On Our Own," "In Living Color" and most recently "The Cosby Show"), co-starred and executive produced the film. In addition to his achievement in feature films, Mardis has produced numerous music videos for various artists such as The Goodfellaz and Sylk 130. Mardis is also known as a commercial producer/director for ads such as Converse, No Limit Records, Priority Records and Nike. He completed Master P's and Miramax's "I Got the Hook up" as the Post-Production supervisor as well as producing the re-shoots. He is currently directing a documentary entitled "Passing the Torch," which spotlights over two hundred and jazz greats. This monumental production has been a five-year project, which will give insight on passing down the jazz art form from one generation to the next. Mardis has been all over the world capturing over 206 of these jazz legends. This project is ten years in the making and will be one of his ultimate master pieces!

"Midnight Blue," was written and directed by Bobby and is a comical spoof, which aired on BET as one of the Arabesque Movie-of-the-Week presentations. This film was the highest-rated film of the series of ten BET Films. Mardis also gives a comical performance in the film, which stands out as one of the memorable scenes.

Mardis spends a lot of his time writing feature length scripts in the comedy, suspense and dramatic genres. He has just completed his twentieth script entitled “Gone” which he will shoot this year as a narrative project. Mardis believes that hard work is the only way to get on the map, and stay on the map! He is also completing post on “Beats by the Bay” which is a film about the Bay Area independent rap scene which is being completed for Pay-per-view and the DVD market. Bobby learned the technical skill of making films as a way to empower himself to that he can think of an idea, write it, shoot it, and deliver it to the “powers that be.” He spends a good deal of his time creating and making magic from ideas.

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