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Bobby Mardis Filmworks and Fat Chance Films have been in production for over 20 years producing quality programming for studios, television networks, independent productions, record companies, fortune 500 companies and individual performing artists. Bobby Mardis and his team are proven entities well equipped to bring in productions of all sizes on time and on budget. Bobby Mardis is a Director’s Guild of America Director and a Writers Guild of America writer whose professionalism and quality of work always rises to the top of any competitive market.

Bobby’s team is a full service operation able to crew up any size production from a one man operation to a full scale feature crew.

Features – We produce narrative features in all genres whether delivered to studios or straight-to-video, we will assist in the development, preproduction on down to the delivery of the completed project. Although we specialize in 35mm film, we are well versed in digital technology for a Hi-def and 24p originated production.

Television - Fat Chance Films has produced pilots, Movie of the weeks, and projects in both the hour and half and hour formats. Some of his clients include BET, MTV, Showtime and TVOne.

Documentaries – Documentaries are a passion of Bobby Mardis having completed programming for the rap industry to a more philanthropic mode with his latest film, “Katrina: Keeping the Faith.” He has also traveled the world shooting 206 legends of Jazz which will soon be completed

Commercials – Bobby has shot commercials on 16mm for Nike and his personal hero, Maya Angelou for a Hallmark Cards campaign. His team can handle commercial productions of all sizes and budget levels. These projects are shot on 16mm and 35mm film. There is also a cost effective process for local merchants on a more stringent budget.

Music Videos – Fat Chance Film shoots music videos on film and digital mediums depending upon the budget constraints. The medium of choice for these videos is 16mm, however, 24p (film look) video also lend a cost effect alternative to film with a similar look and quality.

Electronic Press Kits – EPKs are one of his specialties. He has shot for artists, companies and foundations to increase their public awareness. His EPKs have been used to acquire record deals, gain publicity for the artists, garner the interest Music and programming directors so that they could help in adding the music to the highly competitive radio play lists.

Internet Downloads – Fat Chance Films is staying current with new technology and futures as delineated by the industry. He is currently streaming “The Event Singer” on and has made a commitment to producing additional programming for the infrastructure.

Investment opportunities – Fat Chance Films is in business of acquiring, or writing properties, soliciting financing for those properties, then completing productions for delivery. In mostcases the structure of the deal is simply identifying the budget and acquiring the financing from a venture capital investor. That principal investment is used to shoot the film, then, one hundred percent of the principal is paid back to the investor before any other monies are disbursed. Thereafter, any profits are split between the investor and the partnership (producers) on a fifty percent basis for the economic life of the film. Fat Chance Films, or a related LLC will financially exploit the film for the purposes of increasing the return on investment. If you are interesting in investing in film projects, please feel free to contact us so that we can match you up with the appropriate project.

We can crew up from a two person EnG team to a 200 person crew. Please call for rates for business plans, schedules, budgets, financial pull down charts, Day out of Days and spread sheets. We also supply full producing, line producing, post supervision, music supervision and all phases of production.

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